The result of the MT time series data processing are parameters that contain information on the variation of the electrical resistivity with depth.


MT data processing is based on robust statistics

  • Based on Chave and Thompson (1987, 2003) theory.
  •  Multiple windows band-averaging robust processing.
  • Time series and magnetotelluric tensor parameters viewers.
  • Processing with special attention to data quality, the key for high quality transfer function (depending on quality of original data !).
  • Specific processing for special data problems
    (in marine environment strong motional induction signal, instrument motion in shallow water, …).

QC of time series (multi stage processing) and of transfer functions with

  • Analysis of MT parameters
  • 1-D inversion of tensor determinant for consistency
    with MT physics
  • Maps of MT parameters to analyze the spacial consistency
Example of MT time series Example of MT transfer function